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African Institute of Biomedical Science & Technology

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To be a pan-African insitute of excellence in Biomedical Research and Education towards healthcare solutions for Africa


To establish the sciences and technologies of drug discovery, development and optimal clinical use of medicines in Africa

About Us

The African Institute of Biomedical Science & Technology, AiBST, was established in 2002 with the aim to strengthen African’s scientific & technical capacity to contribute to healthcare solutions for its people.

It is a private not-for-profit research and education institute which is registered with the Ministry of Higher & Tertiary Education and works closely with the Ministry of Health & Child Welfare and the Ministry of Science Technology Development

Research & Development

AiBST has established state-of-the-art laboratories in Zimbabwe. Research at AiBST aims at drug discovery, development and optimal clinical use of medicines.

It is the WHO-TDR and the African Network for Drugs and Diagnostics Innovation (ANDi) CoE in DMPK and Toxicology. It is also a leading centre for pharmacogenomic studies and is the leader of the African Pharmaco- genomics Consortium

Postgraduate Training
and Continuing Professional Biomedical

To increase the skilled human resource base for cutting edge biomedical science & technology, AiBST has a postgraduate (MSc & PhD) training program which attracts many young scientists from across Africa.

It also conducts advanced biomedical courses for both postgraduate students and professionals to encourage adoption of best and current technologies & practices in institutions of life sciences.


In a bid to promote lab-bench to patient-bedside or product on the market biomedical R&D, AiBST has a biomedical entrepreneurship unit.In this unit biomedical businesses are incubated with the idea to finally wean them off as private independent companies.

Current business incubations include Molecular Diagnostics, Drug Discovery ADMET/PK Services, & Distribution of Biomedical Reagents for Drug Discovery Research.


  • AiBST selected as an ANDi Centre of Excellnce in DMPK and Toxicology for drug discovery & development. 25 October 2011
  • South African students, two from North-West University and two from University of Cape Town came for metabolism research & training attachment at AiBST. July to November 2011
  • AiBST moves into new premises. June 2011
  • New logo & new website look!


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